Pictures from road trip to Romania in May 2016. Visited Baia Mare, Viseul de Sus, Peleş Castle, Bran Castle, Alba Iulia and Turda Salt Mine among others. Scroll down to see more!

Rural-style trout restaurant Pastravaria Alex near town Ieud provided some excellent food - most notably traditional fried pastry called Papanași (except the trout obviously).
Riding wood-burning steam train in Viseu de Sus forestry railway. Once used for transporting timber, now transporting tourists.
Peleş Castle is a 3,200-square-metre grand palatial alpine villa with over 170 rooms combining different features of classic European styles. Built for King Carol I the establishment hosts one of the finest collections of art in Eastern and Central Europe, consisting of statues, paintings, furniture, arms and armor, gold, silver, stained glass, ivory, fine china, tapestries, and rugs. There's a Czech footprint as well - the towers were designed by the Czech architect Karel Líman.
The fortress built by the Teutonic Knights in 1212 situated on the border between Transylvania and Walachia called Bran Castle - more commonly known as Dracula's Castle - is the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker's Dracula.
The city of Sibiu where the roofs watch you. And there's also magnificent orthodox cathedral called Catedrala Sfânta Treime din Sibiu.
Small bit from the city of Alba Iulia
Turda Salt Mine - opened in the first century BC it was operational until the early 20th century. Now serves as tourist attraction.
And a bit from the road to wrap it up.
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