My name is Zdenek. I'm self-taught photographer. This is my portfolio. Scroll down to learn more about me.

I’m an aspiring freelance motorsport photographer based in Drazovice, Czech Republic, little by little becoming known for my evocative color photography. During the last half decade, I’ve become enchanted with Formula One racing and various motorsport events. As I steadily improve my craft, I try to capture the spirit, passion and bravery of racing. Following Formula One goes hand in hand with traveling abroad, which provides great potential for urban, landscape or scenic photography as well.

Born in Vyskov, I graduated with honors from Brno University of Technology in 2011. After college, I read numerous books about photography while saving money for my first DSLR. I eventually purchased a Canon EOS 7D and started taking my first shots. This website represents where I am now and where I hope to go. Having become a member of the Czech Republic Syndicate of Journalists, my photographs have been used by the Czech News Agency and also the leading Slovak website for Formula One - www.f1.sk. I've been one of the photo-lecturers for photo & travel portal Fotime svet since 2015.

I still have much to learn about photography, but I’ve heard patience and persistence are the keys to success.

My Czech News Agency portfolio can be found here and similarly my photos can also be found on Shutterstock.
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